Travel to the Caribbean

Caribbean Islands

A photo album entitled ‘Corals’ would make an excellent gift for your loved one. Touch theeries ornate rock art and the nature depicts in the reefs. Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Caribbean in a rainforest and discover the underwater world. Camping and staying in a tents is the traditional way of welcoming the couple; celebrate in style and comfort.


South Florida is one of the best locations in the world to get married. South Florida is home to many beautiful beaches and many sunshine filled days. Take a trip to Miami to become involved in all the fun, business and beauty of Miami. Visit amazing sites, meet new friends, and experience unique activities. The delicious and freshest food in America can be experienced in Miami.

Coeurally speaking, Miami is a mix of traditional South Florida charm and warm, inviting ambiance. Make sure to spend some time in Palm Beach and Wilshire. Take a romantic trip to Key West and tour the naval vessels in Naval Sea America’s home port. Take a trip to St. Augustine and visit the oldest city in America or purchase one of the hundreds, if not thousands, of antique homes in the city of St. Augustine. I’m sure there are many other great ideas for you to include.

Puerto Rico

No matter where you plan to get married you will find that the process goes smoothly. It is important to make the best of it and utilize every opportunity you have to make your special day wonderful. After you get married, a honeymoon tour of the Caribbean Islands as it is one of the best beaches to visit is a wonderful way to celebrate your marriage. Traveling the world is a wonderful thing and can enrich your life with experiences of a lifetime. Combining those experiences with your honeymoon is a fantastic way to celebrate your marriage.

Traveling to other countries is a fantastic experience and can be designed as honeymoon packages. Consider a Europe or Hawaii vacation during your honeymoon. Take advantage of all the fancy accommodations on package vacations to Europe and Asia. There are many tours that are available where you can experience all the wonderful sights.

WeddingTravelSpreeThe weddingisprave is a popular wedding present for those going on their honeymoon. Package vacations to Hawaii and other exotic locations are planned especially for newlyweds. Take a trip to Hawaii and see the beautiful beach and other natural land sights. Block your calendar and choose a fun-filled, interesting destination. Going on a cruise can also be an exciting way to spend your honeymoon.

Adventure vacations

If you are going on a honeymoon that is full of action, there are plenty of options for you to explore. Take a trip to Egypt or take a Egypt vacation. Go hiking in Nepal or visit China. Since you are going on a honeymoon that is full of activity, why not explore the exotic places the world offers, or better yet, go to those romantic countries. For those who are interested in traveling to exotic destinations, here are some ideas to either go to Asia or Europe:


Venice, Italy: Take a trip back in time and experience the beauty of the Grand Canal in Venice. Many couples take a Venice vacation in the hopes of finding that elusive ultimate romantic place.

Barbados, Caribbean: You can never go wrong with beaches and sunsets, canards, catamarans and sea birds. Find yourself a piece of history by visiting the Salvador Dali museum. You may also find yourself inspired by the works of Fernando Botero.

Missambique, Malawi: Not only is it a great place to take a honeymoon, but it is also called the Riviera of the south Africa. You will also find yourself in the middle of the most amazing scenery on earth.

Tuscany, Italy: You can enjoy the beauty of art, architecture, beaches and vineyards as you visit Tuscany. The area is extremely popular among tourists and honeymooners alike. Some of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Tuscany include Montecatini, Pueblo della Pieve, San Gimignano and the Chianti region.

Florida, USA: Visit Orlando and Biscayne Bay, or stay at Resort Orlando and prepare to be wowed by beautiful scenery, cuisine, and nightlife.

You can find luxury resorts, or even villas with their own private hot tubs, pools and Gardens of Florida. It is also a perfect place for those who love to shop.

Switzerland: Vaccinations, skiing, sunshine, Switzerland. What more could you ask for right? The powder snow, the amazing skiing, and the sunshine. It all makes for a great destination to spend honeymoon and new life together!

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